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To get your question answered, just click on our Live Support image on the right of this page, type in your question, and wait a few seconds for our Customer Service Team to begin the conversation.

You can also scan the list of Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your question is listed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I like this concept, but I am not technically educated. Do I need a computer degree to work this?
A: Absolutely not! Just follow the instructions we send you and you’ll be able chat live with your customers within minutes!

Q: How is this priced; what are the variables?
A: All pricing is determined by the number of Users you need to answer the live chats or to access the knowledge base software. A User is a person who works in your Customer Service, Help Desk, or Sales Department (or any department where you offer your web visitors live online support).

Q: Does this PierTech Live Support and Knowledge Base software work on both a Mac or Windows Operating System?
A: Yes, you can also use it with most mobile devices.

Q: How do I answer a question or reply to a customer?
A: When logged in confirm that you are available and type your reply in the talk box that appears.

Q: What client information will I get to keep after a live conversation is over?
A: After you are finished chatting with your web visitor, you will have access to the actual conversation and the visitor’s email address.

Q: What does the web visitor see when he/she clicks on my website's Live Support icon?
A: After the customer clicks on your website's Live Support icon, the customer will be asked what "department" they want to go to. After they select a department, they will be asked to enter their name & question.

Q: As an Administrator, what do I do first?
A: The Administrator(s) is the person (or group of people) responsible for managing PierTech Live within the company. The first thing the Administrator(s) must do is setup Departments. This is easily done by clicking on Add Departments or Manage Departments when logged into the software.

Q: How do I know when the customer leaves the conversation?
A: You will receive an automatic message saying the customer has left the conversation.

Q: Will I automatically get a customer's email address?
A: Yes. Your customerís email address is stored in your files under "My Conversations" and "System History" (Note: Some Users may not have access to their companyís System History file. See your Administrator for details).

Q: What does the customer see when he/she clicks on my website's Live Support icon?
A: After the customer clicks on your website's Live Support icon, they will be asked to fill in their name, email and question. The customer also has the option to give you their phone number.



"I am pleased to take the time to report that Amanda from your online tech support was very helpful, more helpful than my assigned inside sales rep.

After being frustrated dealing with my sales rep, I went online to find you have IMMEDIATE online tech support. Amanda responded and resolved one of my issues within 3 minutes and I was obviously impressed enough to write this letter.

Kudos to you for using technology to improve your customer service."
Brent T., Consumer
"Within the first two days of using PierTech Live Online Support, we received a $4,700 order from a new customer. It started with a simple chat about one of our products, then turned into a extremely large sale considering our average order-size is $550.00!"
Marty E., Sales Manager
Strybuc Industries
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