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Music and Voice Over Marketing

PGI is your #1 resource for interactive communication services, including digital “music and voice overs” needed for your company’s on-hold phone messaging system, website, and media marketing. Want to get started now, click here. Want to hear a sample of a marketing message with music and a voice over professional, click here.

Music and Voice Over for your Phone System and Other Audio Devices

When your customers call and you have to put them on-hold, why have them listen to the radio or no sound at all, when you can have them listen to a “custom” on-hold message promoting your company’s products and services?

At PGI, we provide a service that customizes your on-hold message for your phone system and other audio devices. Our service includes licensed, background music with your company message recorded by a Voice Over professional. After implementing our service, your customers will be glad to hear interesting details about your company and will inquire about what they have heard when they get back on the phone with your company representative.

Music and Voice Over for your Website

Give your customers the option of hearing about your new products/services and other pertinent company information when they visit your website. Give them the opportunity to click on a podcast to hear about a future company event or product promotion. Even a message or podcast from the President of your company adds a personal touch to your website.

PGI can make this happen. We can record your message performed by a Voice Over professional (script provided by you), apply background music to the message, and send the completed package to you within days. We can also come to your office and record one of your Employees, Management, or Executives if preferred.

Media Marketing

Need help with an advertising campaign or radio commercial? Use PGI as a resource to get the results you need to grow your business. With our Music and Voice Over service, PGI can provide you with quality, licensed music along with professional voice over personnel.

Call 610-522-2032 to review how we can help you promote your business using our unique tools and services.


Getting Started with your Custom Music and Voice Over Message…Simple as 1-2-3

To begin customizing your marketing message, follow the instructions below. If there are any questions during the process, contact us at 610-522-2032 and we will walk you through the process.

Step 1:

Select the licensed music needed to accompany your message. You can select from the music links listed below. When you find the music you want, make a note of it’s Product Number shown next to its’ Title. If you are looking for a different sound than the ones provided, email us at and we will create a sound just for you.

Licensed Music Samples (Step 1)

Step 2:

Select the Voice Over professional who you want to read your marketing message. You can select from the professionals shown below. When you find the person you want, make a note of his or her name; you will be prompted for this information in the next step. If you want us to come to your office and record one of your company representatives, contact us at #877.776.1114 (x1) to schedule an appointment.

Voice Over Samples (Step 2)

Step 3:

Now that you have selected the music and the voice over professional, you must submit a “Script” about your company and/or what you want to promote at this time. Click here and you will be prompted to send an email. Attach your script to this email along with the music Product Number and the Name of the Voice Over Professional.

Sample Music and Voice Over

Click here to listen to one of our client’s music and voice over message.

Standard Pricing

1. Licensed Music with Voice Over Professional:
* (5-minutes):  $249.00 (On-Hold Phone Message)
* (10-minutes): $499.00 (Website / Podcast)

One time fee. No Re-Occurring Charges. No Contract. No Annual Fees.

Includes 2-recording sessions (attempts) with your script with background music.

Package includes CD and/or email of your custom “audio file”.

2. Need a Script for your marketing message? Script Writing Available. $300.00 (per 5-minute script).


**All PGI software products and services are developed and supported in the USA**

Contact us at 610-522-2032 for more details on how we can best meet your needs.


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After being frustrated dealing with my sales rep, I went online to find you have IMMEDIATE online tech support. Amanda responded and resolved one of my issues within 3 minutes and I was obviously impressed enough to write this letter.

Kudos to you for using technology to improve your customer service."
Brent T., Consumer
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