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About PGI

PGI Technologies is an international distributor of internet software technology as well as music / voiceover marketing products. These products and services help small and mid-sized businesses to dramatically improves customer service, reduces the cost of the selling process, & increases the overall value of a business.

In operation since 1997, PGI has been heavily involved in computer systems & software development. With the combination of experience & a desire to improve the sales process & information communications, PGI sells a product-line of software today that not only accomplishes this mission, but simultaneously helps companies immediately grow their business!

With offices located in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania & Medley, Florida, PGI supports its clients with expert technical assistance & customer service, by using its own software. PGI's software products are guaranteed to help customers grow their business & are used in all industries such as Educational, Real Estate, Auto, Online Stores, Hospitality, Entertainment, Government, Financial Services, & many more!

PGI is a proud member of:

Delaware County PA Chamber of Commerce Member

Eastern Technology Council

Professional Business Network


"My favorite feature in PierTech Live is not only the live chat service-offering, but the Knowledge Base software. I can store all types of information in there, and when a customer calls and I need answers, I just search my Knowledge Base for the answer; from anywhere in or outside the office!"
Karen C., Sales Support,
PPP Manufacturing Company
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